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Technology & Innovation
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Technology & Innovation

R&D Strength

Over 30 years' accumulated expertise together with continuous R&D investment and excellent R&D team, Transfar masters a lot of core technologies in various industries, and refines common technology modules and platforms in the process of deep cooperation with customers to provide solutions to industrial pain points.

Water repellent agent
Fibre oil
De-oiling agent
Surface treatment agent
Cross-linking agent
Anti-static agent
Fixing agent
Anti-flammable agent
Anti-microbial agent
Research Team

There are more than 300 professional and technical R&D personnel in the field; Possess all kinds of talents including Zhejiang Thousand Talents Plan experts, government subsidy experts, Zhejiang “151” talents, Hangzhou “131” talents; There are global R&D centers, research institutes, joint R&D centers, etc.

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World class R&D hardware configuration

The laboratory covers an area of more than 20,000 m?

equipped with state of art analytical instruments about 100 million RMB,

 investing more than 150 million RMB annually in R&D

R&D Result

Transfar Chemical has established a global technology research and development system, with a national technology center, post-doctoral research workstations, academician workstations and European research and development bases. Transfar has always been at the forefront of industry technology development to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.


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